Talk Talk, Yahoo, LinkedIn, etc.

What do Talk Talk, Yahoo & LinkedIn have in common?

There maybe many similarities between some of the major cyber breaches, but make sure at least that they don’t all share your password.

After going to the trouble of having a really, really, strong password it’s tempting to reuse it across more than one site – but once you do that you could be leaving yourself open to widespread attacks.

It’s possible that a breach may have leaked usernames and passwords, and then attackers can easily automate trying those same credentials on other sites. For this reason alone, make sure that your password protecting your email account is strong and not used anywhere else, as your email account is often the way to recover/reset passwords for other services. The same goes for any account (such as Facebook) which you use to ‘conveniently’ login to other services.

The National Cyber Security Centre has published the following guidance on passwords, which includes help on dealing with ‘password overload’.