Assessing Exposure

Assessing your exposure to information security risks

If you do not have a clear and complete picture of your organisation’s information vulnerabilities, then any security measures you implement are likely to be undermined by weaknesses that have gone unnoticed elsewhere.

That’s why we start by understanding what our clients need to achieve with information security, and use that context to carry out a comprehensive assessment of where information is stored, how it is used and the ways in which staff and other individuals are accessing it.

Our assessment typically considers all parts of an organisation, including every team and department:

  • The information they are holding: What sort of value it has and what the impact would be if it were lost, corrupted or leaked.
  • The operational procedures in place: How information is used and manipulated, whether manually or automatically.
  • Roles: Which individuals have responsibility for handling, processing and safeguarding the information.

We apply many years’ information security experience to assess the findings, so that together we can see where the most significant risks lie and how the treatment of risks needs to be prioritised.

If you would like more information about assessing your exposure to information security risks, please contact us.